When Steph Met Another Pair of Trousers She Loves

They remind me of the late 80s/ early 90s, the kind of style Meg Ryan would wear in ‘When Harry Met Sally’- the ideal movie for this time of year, would you not agree? I honestly want to steal every outfit she wears in that movie so I am on a never ending mission to recreate them.

Book Club – Modern Classics

Hello again, Yet another post of me ranting about books I love. One of the benefits of lockdown was the time I had to discover new books and authors, all of whom I am now obsessed with, especially some of the many amazing female led stories taking over the literary scene. If you weren’t veryContinue reading “Book Club – Modern Classics”

Daisies Daisies Daisies

Every year I buy one thing which carries me through the summer and this year is no different. I spotted this Topshop dress on their website whilst on the lookout for a comfy midi dress that would suit almost any occasion, and when I saw this, my search was complete. The style is quite reminiscentContinue reading “Daisies Daisies Daisies”