The Knitted Vest

Hello! I hope you are well and coping during what feels like an eternity of another lockdown. If you’re feeling a bit rubbish then just remember, better days are coming soon and this will only be a distant, slightly dreadful memory. I haven’t written any blog posts in 2021 because I’m afraid university might haveContinue reading “The Knitted Vest”

When Steph Met Another Pair of Trousers She Loves

They remind me of the late 80s/ early 90s, the kind of style Meg Ryan would wear in ‘When Harry Met Sally’- the ideal movie for this time of year, would you not agree? I honestly want to steal every outfit she wears in that movie so I am on a never ending mission to recreate them.

Book Club – Modern Classics

Hello again, Yet another post of me ranting about books I love. One of the benefits of lockdown was the time I had to discover new books and authors, all of whom I am now obsessed with, especially some of the many amazing female led stories taking over the literary scene. If you weren’t veryContinue reading “Book Club – Modern Classics”