Book Club – Modern Classics

Hello again, Yet another post of me ranting about books I love. One of the benefits of lockdown was the time I had to discover new books and authors, all of whom I am now obsessed with, especially some of the many amazing female led stories taking over the literary scene. If you weren’t veryContinue reading “Book Club – Modern Classics”

Novels to Take You Back In Time

Hi guys! You might have read my first book club post where I talked about some of my favourite nineteenth century novels… but I’m not quite finished. If you couldn’t tell by now, I am a massive fan. Books are the best way to escape the world we live in, especially period novels. They recreateContinue reading “Novels to Take You Back In Time”

Nineteenth Century Novels- Epic Women

Hi guys! I hope you are having fun being constrained to your own home. If you read my last post then you’ll know I have been planning a book club while we all have so much time inside. Reading has been a passion of mine for years and is the reason I decided to studyContinue reading “Nineteenth Century Novels- Epic Women”