Scary/Glam DIY Halloween Inspiration

This past month has been completely hectic for me so it has taken me ages to write another blog post! I started university in September and I already have so many deadlines to meet while also working every weekend so I have little time to sit and write something about anything other than poetry or whatever else I am studying( ngl I do just enjoy complaining). However, I am finally attempting to get back into some sort of swing of things, and I thought that since Halloween is only a few days away, why not write something which can help some of you guys who may be stuck for costumes!

When I was growing up, my mum always made my costumes herself instead of buying an expensive store bought costume and watching her being so creative and thoughtful has inspired me to attempt to follow in her footsteps. There are some major advantages to making your own costume- it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and you can guarantee no one will have the exact same outfit as you! So, here are some suggestions of some easy(ish) DIY costumes which won’t break the bank:

Morticia Addams

I really shouldn’t be putting this one up because I don’t exactly want anyone to steal my costume this year so if anyone is going to the same Halloween parties as me please don’t do this one! I decided I wanted to go as Morticia after going to see The Addams Family at the Kings Theatre and being blown away by Samantha Womack (Ronnie Mitchell)‘s performance as the female matriarch. If you have a long fitted maxi dress in your wardrobe then this look is pretty easy to replicate by adding a long black wig,- Lidl are selling them for about £4 right now-some pale makeup and bold red lipstick!

dark template

Black Swan

Natalie Portman’s performance in this film is so creepy and sophisticated at the same time that it has become one of my ultimate favourite characters to replicate for Halloween and another one which I will be doing this year! It is quite simple to copy with a black bodysuit and a black tutu- the key feature is the makeup, so make sure you practice beforehand!

black swan

Holly Golightly

Three words: little black dress (well actually, the black gloves, pearls and cigarette holder would help as well).

breakfast at tiffany's

Maleficent- Angelina Jolie Version

My favourite Disney villain! An all-black ensemble with some black horns, red lipstick and some serious contouring is enough to complete this look, and the perfect way to look glamourous yet scary at the same time.



Fred and George Weasley

Not exactly as glamourous as the other ideas but if you are as big a Harry Potter fan as me( you could also go as Hermione) and are looking for a funny costume then this is perfect! Just find a friend, look out your old school jumper, shirt and trousers, borrow a red tie and wrap some gold tape around it to create the Gryffindor tie, and get a short ginger wig! I did this costume with my friend when we were about twelve and it was probably my favourite costume ever, we even won best costume at the disco!

fred and george

Hope this helps anyone who was looking for some last minute inspiration!


Stephanie x

Published by Sincerely Stephanie xo

Hello! My name is Stephanie Elizabeth, I am a student/ writer/ fashion lover from Scotland . From a young age, fashion has been an immensely important aspect of my life, and in the past few years this love has grown from my discovery of Hollywood legends such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Diane Keaton and many more. Through this admiration, I was able to appreciate the many eras of fashion and the unique interpretations of style which keep it interesting and ever changing; it is the individual takes which I love the most, as it is completely expressive and different for every one of us. So, I am excited for this next chapter of my life to see how my own style( and life) evolves during university, lots of travelling( I hope) and beyond.

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